…Or maybe not
Oh, as they say, “Ladies first”, he bowed slightly and made way for me to use the door, even though I got there later than he did. I have to go blink for a couple of seconds and poof!, I’m off to the land of questions.
Why would he allow me to go first even though he is meant to go?, Am I not being unfair?, taking the lead all because someone decided that he’s just obligated to make way for me even though I don’t deserve it?, Quickly I tell him “I don’t have to go by the rules and in fact I don’t want to!” Hey wait, was that a look of surprise. Anyways he insists, I insist too, and I’m happy that he eventually takes the lead. Now that’s right for me. As my people would say, “50-50, no cheating!”

What happened now was not only about who gets a natural “chance to get a chance” it’s about what we really stand for when we talk of equality. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s wrong for you to take the ladies first slot, it’s a matter of choice. I don’t like it, you may, and that doesn’t make you less right.

The broader picture is when ladies try to play the gender card to have their way. Imagine everyone having to do a teamwork, perhaps in a course and someone gives you that, oh-you- should-be,-the-one-doing-the-most-work-here-since-you-are-the-man attitude. Hate me or like me, I put it to you that you are lazy. Yes you may not have the strength but try in your own little way If you truly find out that this job is more than you can handle, them let it go, but you’ve fulfilled all righteousness isn’t it, good.

Another thing that piques me is when ladies totally lose sense of punctuality just for the fact that they are ladies. If you want to look good, then start early for it, don’t be giving that excuse that “I had to get dressed” then you get to board meetings late, expecting unconditional pardon.
And maybe I should inform you, the reason why ’em boys feel they should earn more pay is because some ladies tend to slack at work, preferring to make up all day, than get business done.

   Again, don’t get it twisted, we really have those amazing girls out the with their hands on pumps all dey, but what’s annoying is that the lazy ones influence how we get to see everyone else.
    You could get a upper hand because you are interested intelligent, or you’ve got more charisma, it you’re a workaholic, but never should you deem it nice weekend when you at are unnecessarily favoured because of your gender, gentleman or lady (inversion was very much intended, since ‘g’ comes before ‘l’ in the order of alphabets)
Double your hustle baby.



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