To Darling Trump.


Dear Trump.
Congratulations for the new post as the new businesstainment head of the States particularly for the light skinned who feel, that pale unaesthetic pallor, makes a man superior. I do hope you have the time you deserve up there.
Now you’ve been saying a lot, a whole lot about how great you wanna make your country, how prosperous you want everything to be again, well I say ; may you have what luck decides to bestow on you. You can barely manage your businesses, but without any experience you want to boost the economy of such a great country, and lest i forget, by building walls…. Your whole manegarial team is in soup.
Now everyone may be wondering what my business is, well I’ll tell yah. Maybe this is coming a bit late, but is it my fault, I just got to see Trump’s speech on why he despises the African and Arab race so much. To tell you the truth, I was not shocked, it was expected especially from someone like him. But like seriously when will people like dear Trump make solid research before making statements.
The don himself like every other American is being fed trash by the mainstream media, I’m sure you still think that Africans live on trees and dress like father Adam himself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to portray my country as  a developed one , no no no, we still have a long way to go. But Daddy trump you need to be careful about all you say about my continent because : firstly America was not built in a day, maybe  you need to check out how whacky and tacky that region was some centuries back, there were no casinos or airports or magnificent hotels or beautiful airports or even nuclear weapons. All your great grandfathers had were some crude farm tools. You guys were still under the Britons , now centuries later you now have  such strength that you feel you can intimidate everyone, it doesn’t work that way. These poor countries  you see today are barely a hundred years old in self governance.
Let’s talk of how corrupt the white house is, is it because we make a show of ours everyday, spreading our dirty linen in public. No other country does it better in playing the dirty game of politics internationally. Now before you try to remove the piece of dirt our eyes, take off the beam in yours. America  was not built in a day so calm your spirits and watch how these people who you term backward, overtake the world just like China is doing.
  Meet you at the top Don.

P.s: being white is cool, the pale unaesthetic pallor is a description of white douches.



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