Trumpet in America….

Wow wow wow, so this guy finally got his bum in the white house


There are several things I’ve started to ponder about ever since this guy got the first place in the election, but after his inauguration yesterday I just had to spew them out.
* He talks about building walls, does this mean that America would become a manmade island?
* Also, are we about to have a country that fully endorses racism? A country that  will reinforce the fact that she is diverse and will make those in the minority feel less human. I don’t know if I’m making sense.
* let me be more specific, does it mean blacks will go back to the prisons? leave the jobs and take to the slums? would we have the police hunting people down just because they are dark skinned? I wonder 
* And the one that concerns me most; ladies, what’s up in America now, would we have a general gender unrest?, Guys assaulting girls without fear?, rapist on rampage?, These questions come in a barrage and as days roll by let us see how Trumpet will blow the tunes for America.   


What do you feel about this guy? Feel free to voice your opinion.


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