How school created gender inequality….

It just made a curriculum that ripped the world into two. One side for the boys and the other for girls. If you are a guy, it’s natural that you join the sciences and  preferably technologies; being an engineer is the best, no qualms becoming a doctor but make sure it’s something tedious, it’ll be nice if you chose to be a surgeon, and oh hell, don’t even try to be a nurse, you’re gonna be termed a sissy.

Now girls, sorry you, all you have left are those courses that’ll make you a good wifey. A nurse, that’s the best wife out there now (so they say) . You can be a lawyer but make sure you are not so bold , you are a girl remember. Don’t you dare become a pilot (they will certainly give you a tough time becoming one) why?, simply because you’re not meant to fly so high. Never dream of becoming a soldier. As your life is centred round the wedding gown, no one wants you in camouflage

Now these are stereotypes people claim are gradually fading, and no offence if someone looks shocked when you tell them you are a mechanic, it’s simply because girls and overalls don’t really fit , you are not expected to be that strong, you are a lady. Legit, this stuff very much still exist and I sure hate the way they control us.

But note that Diamonds are for die hards who dare to dent the dots of humanity. So go get them girls , break those boundaries and refuse to be weak.



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