Resolution stuffs

Everyone’s making resolutions; no drinking and driving, shedding some pounds, paying tithe, blah blah blah,… However we all quite know that they don’t last the month, everyone’s gotta enjoy life.

As a girl I’ve been told off as fat many times, (not like I care though) but I’m sure I don’t eat as much as some lazy brother’s who sit at home all day watching the sisters work. So what’s the deal, guys get to enjoy life like its no man’s business and they can ‘get away’ with it, but girls, you have to watch it. So I made a resolution to stay off meat this year , hope I can cope. But I tell you what, no one is going to tell me how to look well, especially if he’s a boy cos they make you feel its a curse to be big even if you jog miles per day.

   Please accept this piece of stream of consciousness as my opening statement … I really hope to catch your attention with my WAR OF WORDS. Its all about gender here.  
# letstalkgender


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